Websites for small businesses

Every person is special and every site is special.

The whole website building process I do is a process of getting to know someone or someone who opens my heart to me and gives me a glimpse of who they really are. This special thing, I try to translate to a site that will speak their unique language and can convey their unique message to those who need them.

I use the great platform of Wix and I am a Wix partner - Creator Level.

Here are some of the websites I've built.

Will your website be the next to appear here?


Yoga mat and straps


Yoga Studio

Students bending forward in a yoga class

Michal Ironi

Yoga teacher

Maya Ben Or

Yoga for women teacher

open Female hands on the ground

Yoga teacher for seniors

A yoga teacher supporting a senior student

Sandra Folk Kanner

Shelly Yungman

Neurofeedback therapist

Sigal Bieber standing in a fields in a prayer gesture

Sigal Bieber

Yoga Therapy Teacher

Houdijk Law

Law Office and Notary

Notary seal and books


Remote office services

a persons hands typing on a laptop
A woman doing yoga

Irit Nahum

Integrative yoga teacher

A woman doing yoga

Zman Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Teachers Course

Yael Maimoni

Ashtanga Yoga Teachers