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Ori Keren sitting on the ground smiling

About me

My name is Ori and I have been practicing yoga since 2004.

For many years I worked in an office, as a stock market trader.

Because of my type of work I got used to a life of stress and tension and throughout these years, in order to balance that kind of reality, I learned and practiced yoga - I did it initially as a hobby and as a mere exercise routine , but very quickly realized that yoga is more than that.

much more.

Yoga has opened the door to a world of daily self-inquiry, physical inquiry and mental inquiry.

From the first day I stepped on the practice mat and every day since, I try to find out through practice, where the path will lead me.

Since I found out about  this wondrous world, I have not stopped looking for ways to deepen my personal knowledge through the same practice.

I have studied with many teachers and experimented with different styles, and in recent years I focus on practicing Vinyasa Yoga, according to the learning tradition of TKV Desikachar.

I am a student of Liora Kastenbaum, Shahar Ben David and Michal ironi and a certified teacher from the Wingate Institute in the Vinyasa Karama discipline.

I believe that yoga practice on the mat should reflect and improve life outside of it. I believe that practicing yoga is our way of acquiring and applying tools for dealing with our everyday life, with the world, with reality - in a real, practical and effective way.

I invite you to join me for a thorough and mindful inquiry through movement, breathing and connection.

Want to contact me?

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