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Types of lessons

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A man preforming downward facing dog pose on a red yoga mat

Mindful Vinyasa

Mindful Vinyasa classes consist of movement sequences, some of them repeat every lesson and some change every lesson, but they all revolve around a certain theme and include both dynamic movement and static pauses in posture.

This practice encourages the students to give full attention to the current state of the body, as well as to the breath and consciousness, at any given moment.

This observation allows us to identify the right place for us and pinpoint it at any stage we feel the need for, sometimes even at the expense of the external shape of the poses.

In these classes, you learn the principles of practicing yoga from the ground up, deepen your study of the transitions between poses, emphasize finding the right place to pause within the poses, and combine, as the practice progresses, breathing techniques (pranayama).

The practice of mindful Vinyasa is characterized by dynamic but soft movement, while synchronizing between the body, the breath and the mind.

It is an eclectic practice that draws its origins from a number of methods, and applies in it principles of precision in posture, deepening the connection between movement and breathing and correct and beneficial adjustment of the whole lesson.

The attention given to the way you move  and breath, creates a place where every practitioner is encouraged to  dive into the depths of the practice.


The level of practice varies from group to group and can be lighter and gentler or more dynamic and challenging.

Mindful Vinyasa classes fit all levels of practice.

Classes are held:

Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays at  08:30 - Online via zoom Beginners.

Mondays at 20:15  - Online via zoom Beginners.


Tuesdays at 18:30 at the "Qadma - Home for Yoga and Movement" studio in Hod Hasharon.

On Thursdays at 08:30 in the "Qadma - Home for Yoga and Movement" studio in Hod Hasharon.

Pre-registration is required.

Yoga in a therapeutic approach

Individual practice, specifically tailored to support physical and mental states that make it difficult to maintain a regular practice.

This is a practice built from an initial diagnostic session followed by a series of gentle exercises, which are built from time to time and adapted to a variety of physical conditions such as back pain, joint pains, various diseases etc.

The practice is also adapted to support various mental and emotional states such as depression, anxiety and stress as a result of a variety of reasons.

This practice draws its origins from classical yoga therapy according to Desikachar and is intended to support the practitioners, to strengthen them and direct them towards a healing process.

Each practice is built specifically for the practitioner's needs and differs from person to person.

The exercises are in a one-on-one format and different from a regular yoga class.

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