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What is yoga anyway?

Yoga can be defined as any action that aims to create change for the better in life, through the connection between some movement, breathing and attention.

Millions of people around the world practice yoga and each and every one of them does so for a different reason.

Some do it for strengthening and flexing their body, some practitioners need physical support during intense periods of life, some practice in order to prevent sports injuries or dealing with chronic illnesses and some meet the need to deal with mental challenges and various emotional problems through yoga.

Many practice yoga as a way to find balance and stillness, within a demanding and stressful daily reality.


There are countless of reasons to practice yoga and no one reason is superior to the other.

The place you choose to start practicing yoga from, will always be right for you - it is very likely that over time, other reasons to practice will come up, such as those you did not think of at first.

However, it is important to remember what yoga is NOT:

Yoga is not a competition!

We do not practice to be better, more flexible or stronger than someone, but to practice to be better with ourselves.

Yoga is not related to physical appearance or extraordinary physical abilities!

There is no need to be strong, flexible, lean or fit.

It is an adaptive practice that can, with the help of the right techniques and tools, suit any practitioner.

Practicing yoga is neither a religious practice nor one that requires the practitioner to be a spiritual person!

We practice to understand ourselves and the world around us better, not to reach any spiritual level.

Well, on the question "What is yoga anyway?" you can answer as follows:

Yoga is a practice that focuses on exploring and improving everyday life, of reality - a way back to a quiet, balanced center.

Therefore, if you spend long hours sitting in the office or you lead a dynamic and active life, if you suffer from a chronic illness or you are going through an emotionally challenging period, if you are young or old, if you are pregnant and need supportive activity and if you feel everything is stressful and you simply NEED a minute to stop or a place to just breathe.

If you are flexible and even if you are not.

If you are looking for a strengthening activity for the body and if you are looking for a way to calm the mind - practicing yoga is the solution!

Yes, even if you have never practiced before.

No prior knowledge or experience is required - yoga can benefit everyone, really everyone.

Feel free to contact me now and make a change for the better in life!

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