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Me in black shirt performing a namaste hand gesture

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Start living better

From now on.

No, in order to do that you do not have to be flexible, strong, healthy or super calm.

Definitely not.

All you need are some effective and simple tools that will improve your life and someone to help you use them in a way that will be fitted, correct and practical for you .

Simple, right?

Its time to

Move correctly.

Breathe slowly.

Explore yourself.

Improve your life.

Ori Keren with a yoga mat bag on my shoulder

My name is Ori and I am a yoga teacher in Herzliya 

In addition I am also a father, a husband, a webmaster and an animal/music/books lover.
I love practicing yoga and love teaching yoga.
Very Much So./music/books lover.

Stop and think, have you ever told  yourself the following:

"I'm really not flexible enough to practice yoga" | "I do not have the strength to do any physical activity" | "I suffer from terrible back pains and yoga is for strong and healthy people" | "I'm too embarrassed to practice yoga in a group" | "Yoga is too spiritual for me" | "I do not have time to practice yoga" | "I tried to practice yoga once and did not like it" |"Yoga is only for those who have been to India" "Yoga is Too Slow for Me" | "Yoga is Too Fast for Me" | "Yoga Is Boring" | "I do not practice because I need a teacher who will explain me exactly what to do from the beginning."


" I never had a connection to yoga. "

"I never connected to yoga"

Me walking across a yoga studio and looking at my students

My practice philosophy says that

The whole purpose of practicing yoga is not to bring you enlightenment in the future, but to improve life in a practical way in the present .


One step at a time.

The time is now.

Who am I and what can you learn with me?

My name is Ori, I have been practicing yoga since 2004 and have been teaching yoga classes in Herzliya and the area since 2015.

For many years I worked in an office, as a securities trader.

Through my work I got used to a life of stress and tension and throughout all these years, in order to balance that same reality, I learned and practiced yoga.

I did this at first as a sports hobby and as a relaxing exercise only, but I quickly realized that there is more to yoga than that.

much more.

Yoga has opened the door to a world of daily self-inquiry, physical inquiry and mental inquiry.

From the first day I stepped on the yoga mat and every day since, I try to find out through training, where will the path lead me.


Since my first encounter with the wonderful world of yoga, I have not stopped looking for ways to deepen my personal knowledge through practice.


I have studied with many teachers and experimented with different styles, while in the past ten years I focus on practicing Vinyasa Yoga, according to the learning tradition of TKV Desikachar.

I am a student of Liora Kastenbaum, Shahar Ben David and Michal Ironi ni and a certified teacher from the Wingate Institute in the Vinyasa Karama discipline .


I invite you to join me for a wonderful and mindful inquiry through movement, breathing and attention.

Group lessons:

Monday and Wednesday at 08:30 Mindful Vinyasa   Beginner and advanced level - Online practice through ZOOM.

Monday at 20:15 Mindful Vinyasa - Beginners and Continuous Level - Online practice through ZOOM.

Tuesday at 18:30 Mindful Vinyasa - All Levels - at Qadma Studio - Yoga and movement house in Hod Hasharon.

Thursday at 08:30 Mindful Vinyasa - All Levels - at Qadma Studio - Yoga and movement house in Hod Hasharon.

Private lessons at the student's home or at my home - by appointment.

Lessons with a therapeutic approach , in a one-on-one format at the student's home - by appointment

For group lessons at your workplace - contact me.

“Everyone here says they were in dozens of yoga classes and that you are the best teacher they have ever had!

And there is someone else like me who hates yoga! And continues because you really enjoy it.

I was also shocked that I felt the connection today! "

Adi Hoss

"An accurate, attentive teacher will lead us safely, in the ways of yoga, so that everyone will find their place."

Michal Shachar

"What a difference experience!

A teacher that boosted me with confidence, Holds a complete understanding of the body, mind and finding the connection between them in a way I have not experienced before.

At the end of the classes I always feel there was a precise balance between my body and mind. My breath felt free and flowing and I felt clarity and vitality.

Thank you so much for every lesson! "

Liron Chen Sarid

"Ori helped me improve my overall posture and  flexibility, leading to a deeper and more meaningful yoga experience. His guidance along with breathing instructions makes every class enjoyable - even when you are working muscles or stretching in new ways.

For anyone who wants to enjoy yoga but reach new levels of stretch / flex I would highly recommend this class. "

Elana Roth - Katzor

"Ori is a yoga teacher from the inside out. The experience of practicing in his class creates a sense of confidence, an excellent personal experience! He master the principles of yoga and pass them out to practitioners in the most gentle way - So everyone can DO what is right for THEM. I stayed alert and focused through the whole class. I Highly recommend."

Sandra Folk - Kenner

Yoga teacher



Uri Keren  |  Tel: 054-2022252

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