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Yoga is the way to improve your life
starting today

Stop and think, have you ever said the following to yourself?


"I'm really not flexible enough to practice yoga" | "I do not have the strength to do any physical activity" | "I suffer from terrible back pain and yoga is for strong and healthy people" | "I'm too embarrassed to practice yoga in a group"  "Yoga is too spiritual for me" |"I do not have time to practice yoga" | "I tried to practice yoga once and did not like it"  "Yoga is only for those who have been to India" |  "Yoga is Too Slow for Me" |  "Yoga is Too Fast for Me" |  "Yoga Is Boring" | "Yoga is for calm people and I really am not" | "I do not practice because I need a teacher who will explain to me exactly what to do from the beginning."


Hi there!
My name is Ori and I am a yoga teacher in Herzliya and its surroundings

In addition I am also a father, husband, website builder, animal lover, music geek, and books enthusiast.
I love practicing yoga and love teaching yoga.  Very much so.

Here's what I have to offer you

מה יש לי להציע לך

No, in order to do that you do not have to be flexible, strong, healthy, or super calm.

Definitely not.

All you need are some effective and simple tools that will improve your life and someone to help you use them in a way that will be fitted, correct and practical for you.

Simple, right?

Do you want to start improving your life Today?

Amazing! It's time to check your inbox.

Simple, effective ways that will help you cope with stress in your life

Work, kids, money... life can be SO stressful. Here are some easy to do, practical and effective breathing techniques to help you cope with the stress of modern life. 

The 12 most important yoga tips

Started practicing yoga? Awesome! 

Here are the 12 best tips and advice you will ever get in order to do yoga correctly, in a safe and easy way.


learn with me

Who am I and what can you learn with me?

My name is Ori, I have been practicing yoga since 2004 and have been teaching yoga in Herzliya and its surroundings since 2015.  

I am a certified teacher from the Wingate Institute in the Vinyasa Karama method as it was taught in the Desikacharr tradition. ​​​​

To join group classes, you can contact me!

Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.  Mindful Vinyasa  - All levels -  At Qadma Studio - a home for yoga and movement in Hod Hasharon.

Thursday at 07:30 and 09:00  Mindful Vinyasa - All Levels -  At Qadma Studio - a home for yoga and movement in Hod Hasharon.

Friday at 11:30 p.m.  Mindful Vinyasa - All Levels -  At Qadma Studio - a home for yoga and movement in Hod Hasharon.

Private lessons at the student's home or at my home - by prior arrangement.

For group lessons at your workplace  - Contact me.

My practice philosophy states that

The whole purpose of practicing yoga is not to bring you enlightenment in the future, but to improve life in a practical way in the present.
One step at a time.


"Everyone here says they were in dozens of yoga classes and that you are the best teacher they have ever had!

And there is someone else like me who hates yoga! And continues because she really enjoyed it.

I was also shocked that I connected so strongly today! "

Adi Hoss

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